Lemon & Mint

A refreshing combination of crisp, ripe, zingy lemons and light summery mint


Lemon & Mint Cordial is a refreshing combination of crisp ripe lemon and summery garden mint, made with 30% lemon juice. This is like walking in an Cotswold garden in June, full of the heady aroma of mint drenched in the sun of juicy lemons.

Contains no artificial flavours, sweeteners, colourings or preservatives.

Five Valleys Cordials are packaged in a 375ml bottle and are made very concentrated. We suggest a dilution guide of 1:10 so that means each bottle makes up to approx. 4 litres. Divine mixed with still or sparkling water and a great mixer for cocktails too. Check out our cocktail recipe page.

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Typical Nutritional analysis per 100ml diluted:

Energy - 21Kcal 88KJ
Carbohydrate - 5.2g
Of which sugar - 5.2g
Fat - 0
Of which saturates - 0
Fibre - 0
Sodium - trace

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