Five Valleys Cordials Party Jug Special

Full of fruity flavour, our Party Jug is an excellent cocktail or mocktail choice for all occasions. Made with Five Valleys Sloe & Raspberry & Lemon & Mint Cordials.


Large Bubble Jug (1 litre guide)

50ml Five Valleys Sloe & Raspberry Cordial

50ml Five Valleys Lemon & Mint Cordial

100ml Gin

600ml Bitter lemon

Sparkling water



Pour the Sloe & Raspberry, Lemon & Mint Cordials, gin & bitter lemon over ice into your jug, top with sparkling water & give a gentle stir with a long spoon

Decorate with fresh raspberries & fresh mint to really impress your party guests

Tip: For a Mocktail version, just remove the gin & voila; you’ll have an exciting non-alcoholic blend!