Cherry & Beetroot Ice Cream

A refreshing dessert, that’s easy to make and perfect for both everyday and entertaining. Made with Five Valleys Cherry & Beetroot Cordial.

Serves 4


300ml single cream

100g sugar

3 egg yolks

60ml Five Valleys Cherry and Beetroot Cordial


1.      Gently heat the cream and add the sugar. Stir constantly until the sugar has completely dissolved, but try to avoid it boiling.

2.      Add the cordial to the egg yolks and beat lightly.

3.      Slowly add the cream sugar mixture to the yolks and cordial, beating all the time. Don’t beat too fast as the egg will cook.

4.      When all the sweetened cream has been incorporated into the mixture, pour into a freezer safe bowl or tub and put in a cool place until it returns to room temperature.

5.      Once at room temperature, beat, and put in the freezer. Take out and beat every 30 mins until thoroughly frozen.

6.      Serve with fruits or with a chocolate desert of your choice!